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These two years here at AIIMES, have been a real learning experience & have in many ways, made me industry ready potential human resource. All thanks to the AIIMES faculty, for the timely guidance, in shaping up career. Remember “if you have the will, the rest will follow. ” Always keep it burning.

Vivek Mehta

Relationship Manager, Federal Bank

It gives me great Pleasure to give back something to my institute in the form of vote of thanks for making me to establish myself in the corporate world with ease. It would not have been possible without the support which i got from the faculty of the institute, my fellow colleagues, ever inspiring chairman and my parents. The high level of education and practical training imparted throughout the course to handle management challenges and situations helped me not only to get the best knowledge but also the best campus placement in good organization. I would again like to thank Asia Pacific Institute of Management for building my career and making me a pillar which can cement itself anywhere in the market.

Arvind Gaur

Marketing Manager, FDCI Ltd.

AIIMES has been a place where I found a unique blend of excellence and commitment. Great faculty, wonderful ambience to learn, and excellent facilities is how I describe AIIMES. Great organizations always have a great leader, and AIIMES has been blessed with the leadership prominent faculty, supported by a wonderful team. Those two years of my life were not just full of hard work, but they were undoubtedly full of such lessons and experiences which made me a better person day by day. I left my college with diverse personality enhancements and such intangible assets which are now a part of my attitude. I thank AIIMES for recognizing and appreciating my hard work and performance.

Atul Kumar Patil

Assistant Manager, Hyundai Motor India Ltd.

It is because of the personal experiences I have had with students in the AIIMES Hotel Management Program that I can say with confidence that the program is producing well-rounded and well-educated individuals. The hospitality field is very demanding, both physically and mentally. I see firsthand the skills set these students possess

Bhupendra Pal Singh

Manager, Ginger Hotel

Whilst studying Mechanical Engineering at the AIIMES of Hertfordshire I learnt the importance of structural mechanics, using AutoCAD and gained a firm understanding of engineering principles. These skills have provided a successful transition into my role which involves structural engineering, travelling abroad to train customers with equipment, and FEA Analysis.

Mohammed Hasib

Mechanical Engineer, TATA Moters

Architecture is a field with uniqueness and individuality, the passion for which comes within the individual. Being a part of this course in AIIMES Institute is like know your own individuality. The exposure they provide is far way good for the person who wants to achieve something. The management is always available and willing to help. The AIIMES help you out in every way here the potentials are harnessed, skills are developed, confidence is built and dream are realized

Shivani Gautam

Engineer, Dimension India,

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