AIIMES- Bachelor Degree in Business Administration



Delhi was inspired by the Government of India’s Human Resource Development  minister Mr. Matheo Rao Scindhia who has introduced Private Universities Bill for the first time in the parliament and since then the Society has marched ahead covering a long distance till what it is today on its own footing and established an institute named ALL INDIA INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT & ENGINEERING STUDIES in 2014 to provide distance education in Computer, Management , Architecture, ITI, Polytechnic and Engineering field.

  • Under Human Rights Protection Act, 1993, Autonomous Bodies have been given special protection & consideration. (For further details refer, AIR 1993 SC – 2178)
  • According to Govt. of India National Education Policy, 1986, Magnet Higher Education Research & Development Society / All india Institute of Management & Engineering Studies Delhi is one of the best Society/Institute for spreading education in India.
  • According to J.P. Unnikrishnan vs Andhra Pradesh AIR 1993, Supreme Court 2178, Voluntary Institutions/ Society have right to spread education  & issue certificates for Degree/Diploma.
  • The AMIE, Sec. A & Sec. B is equivalent to B.Tech. (Bachelor degree in Engineering) and AMIETE Part – I & II is equivalent to D.Tech. (Diploma Engineering) and B.Tech. respectively. IEC & IME Part – I & II is also equivalent to Diploma & B.Tech. course vide Govt. Notification.

So, Magnet Higher Education Research & Development Society / All India Institute of Management & Engineering Studies, Delhi is a mile stone of Globalization of Education in India. The Society / Institute has lit a candle of the light and a million candles will lit ablaze the entire education firmament the whole world in the light of truth and awareness.

REGISTRATION : The society’s registration ACT 1860 MHERD Registration no./NORTH/353/2014



The aims and objectives for which the society is establishment shell be as under

1. To open and maintain primary, secondary and high school colleges, universities ad training centers etc, for economically back word people and to award certificates to the successful participants through competent authorities.

2. To work in the field of education (including computer, management, technical & agricultural education) to adults, children illiterate and working professional men and woman.

3. To open and run centers and hold classes for adult education, Technical, Computer centers, Shorthand and typing centers sewing, embroidery, beauticians, handicrafts, painting etc.

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