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This is a legal statement, and honestly it is well meaning. AIIMES wishes its prospective students to understand that AIIMES does not want to absolve itself from its overall responsibility and commitment to the careers of its students. This statement only helps AIIMES to protect it self against certain class of people who have a tendency to find loop holes and pick up quarrels and thereby mar the image of well meaning, just, honest and law abiding people around like AIIMES. Please understand that there is no dearth of people with such negative mentality. Our would be students or those who would even casually go through this website would agree that there could be errors, omissions and mistakes in any descriptions and sometimes changes, adaptation corrections could take some time in editing and getting incorporated in the website. That is why this website is statement is presented (worded) as per legal advice given to AIIMES by its legal experts.

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AIIMES does not give any assurance to give out and not divulge any information regarding the use of plastic money, i.e. credit cards and their paraphernalia, utilized by our prospective students or actual students. Such information is not to be divulged under the instructions, directives and commands of the law of the country.

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